Special Online Webinar Video Class By Samar Chakraborty

Webinar Part – 1 & Part – 2

Step 1:- Watch “Webinar Part – 1” Video Class:-

Step 2:- Watch “Webinar Part – 2” Video Class:-


(Note: Do not watch Webinar Video Class Part – 2 before you complete the Part – 1 Class.)

Step 3 :- Join Samar Sir’s VIP WhatsApp Group to Book a “FREE 1:1 Doubt Clearing Session” with Samar Sir Directly for 30 Minutes :-

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Why To Join Doubt Clearing Session?

By Clearing Your Doubt You will Get Exact Clarity On How To Improve Your Study

When to JOIN VIP Group?

After Watching Webinar Part 1and Part 2 video you can join VIP Group.

Will I be able to score high in Board Exams?

If you follow Samar Sir’s Method, you will seriously score high in the Board Exam.

Will My Children Be Able to increase Concentration and confidence in study?

If you follow the tips and simple mental maths religiously on a daily basis you and your children will improve concentration and confidence definitely.

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