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Memory development course

How to train your brain to perform more impressively in study.

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Why should you attend this Course?

Reason 1

One of the well known name in the field of “Strategic Student NLP Coach & Life Coaching-NLP” and also a premier motivational speakers in Kolkata.

Reason 2

Learn how to be CORRECT and Productive in Math and other subjects with the use of Mnemonics.

Reason 3

Learn the power of persuading others with the help of Concentration and Confidence Building Methods.

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Journey Roadmap

During this Memory Development Course you are going to learn about :

Don’t forget to know about your

Current State of Mind

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Exciting Bonuses

Bonus 1

FREE Doubt Clearing Over Phone (Worth Rs.100)

Bonus 2

Important tips for students on when to read which subject (Rs.250) – Completely FREE

Bonus 3

1 to 1 counseling for students with Guardians (Rs.1000) – Completely FREE

Know your Mentor !


Mr. Samar Chakraborty

Samar Chakraborty, a National Record Holder, have been conducting seminars and classes on ‘Mnemonic Science’ since the year 2004 in various districts of West Bengal. Since then, I have come across more than 15,500 students, and their achievements have become my success.

He was an average student, but today he is a National Record Holder. Hence, he does not like to discriminate among the ‘brains’ that each and every student possess. What matters is ‘the usage of brain’ – How should we use our brain? Technique and proper guidance can lead you to your goal.

His wish for my students is that, they should see the light in this world, in themselves and in others too, because he always see the light in each and every student of mine. He confidently believes that his students are much more intelligent and capable than they know. Every individual is unique and He can prove that they all can actually reach their goals easily and courageously.

Samar Chakraborty can guarantee you a marvellous improvement by using and teaching you the techniques of ‘Mnemonic Science’, which will help you to score excellent in the examinations ahead, as it exactly has been happening since 2004.

Thank you.

Samar Sir

See Some Transformation

Dr. Swapnamoy Ghosh

I must say, the way of teaching is awesome, the way of communication is awesome. He speaks from his heart, that reaches to my heart.

Md. Tahenuzzaman

We come to learn so many things to remember study materials during the sessions. We know things but doing things in organized way which leads us to success.

Debalina’s Feedback

This is the first time I joined Memory Development classes and this gives me a lot of confidence & boost my confidence. It was very fruitful experience for me.



Manjisha and Ashwini’s Feedback

Awesome Improvement is blessing of Scientific Memory Technique

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Why should I join this Memory Development Course?

If you feel you need to be more efeective in study, correct in Math & be impressive in Student Life, you must join this Course.

Who can join this course?

Anyone can, but specially working professionals, housewives & students (above Class 3).

What will be covered in this course?

We will cover Math, Memory, Mnemomics skill development techniques.

Will these course lessons be recorded?

These lessons have been designed in such a way, so that one can improve his/her study and memory skills.

Yes, all lessons are pre recorded so that you can watch at your own comfortable time.

Will I see Positive changes after this course?

“What we sow, we reap”. If you attend all lessons, do all assignments and participate in all the activities, you will definitely level up your math and memory skills.

What will happen after I make the payment and enrol for this course?

Once you pay and enroll, you will be joining our paid WhatsApp Course Group.

You will get ID and Password access to your online course dashboard.

From there you can access your lessons.

Who will be the mentor in this course?

Samar Chakraborty (National Record Holder) being the main mentor.

Can I join with my android phone/laptop?


Can I join this course with my family members with a same screen?


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Samar Sir

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