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Name Samar Chakraborty
About Me I, Samar Chakraborty, a National Record Holder, have been conducting seminars and classes on ‘Mnemonic Science’ since the year 2004 in various districts of West Bengal. Since then, I have come across more than 15,500 students, and their achievements have become my success. I was myself an average student, but today I am a National Record Holder. Hence, I do not like to discriminate among the ‘brains’ that each and every student possess. What matters is ‘the usage of brain’ – How should we use our brain? Technique and proper guidance can lead you to your goal. My wish for my students is that, they should see the light in this world, in themselves and in others too, because I always see the light in each and every student of mine. I confidently believe that my students are much more intelligent and capable than they know. Every individual is unique and I can prove that they all can actually reach their goals easily and courageously. I, Samar Chakraborty, can guarentee you a marvellous improvement by using and teaching you the techniques of ‘Mnemonic Science’, which will help you to score excellent in the examinations ahead, as it exactly has been happening since 2004.

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